Recalling College Days

I remember when I was in college; my friends and I will go to a music studio. There, we sang, dance and play guitars and drums.
Few of us really had great voices and most certainly had talents in playing those instruments.  If I remember it right we were more than 10 wannabes. The owner actually said he needed to buy guitar hanger so he can just hang every guitar to make more room for us. We rocked the room with many songs as we could sing. Not sure though if our voices were good enough for you to listen. 

We are all registered pharmacists now. Some of us are living abroad and all of us have our own families. Recalling those days made me realize how talented my friends are and I am hoping that we can jam again someday.

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  1. Haha, I was never one to hold an instrument but a guitar was one of those which I hoped to learn how to play. :D To think about college.. Ah, nostalgic, isn't it? They say highschool is the best, but for me, it will always be my college days.


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