PRC Online

Good news. PRC is now online for the following transactions:

1. Application of various licensure examinations with requirements to be submitted upon processing/issuance of Notice of Admission. 
2. Registration of new passers/successful examinees for the issuance of their licenses.
3. Renewal of Professional Identification Cards of Registered Professionals. 
4. Application of certifications/authentications requested by the general public. 

In order to use the online system for the said transactions, you need to register first and for most using the link below. 

You need to agree with the terms and conditions and you need to fill out the form completely before you can continue to whatever transaction you want to make. After that the process is as easy as 1-2-3. Just follow the instructions and note information you might need later on. 

This is a huge help for busy professionals in the Philippines and abroad.

For any questions, the contact details are the following: 

Central Office / General Inquiries(02) 310 0026
Renewal Of Professional ID(02) 736 2248(02) 310 2009 
Application for Examination(02) 736 2252(02) 735 1443
Application for Registration & Licensing without Examination(02) 735 1533
Board Rating / Board Passing/ License Verification (CGFNS, Texas, Canada, etc.)(02) 310 2020
Initial Registration(02) 310 1027
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  1. This is perfect for professionals who are planning to take the board exams. I love that most institutions are now joining the online community. This makes things a lot easier.

  2. Thank you for this information. It would help save time. The process for securing documents is such a big hassle. This would make it easier for licensed professionals.

  3. This is really a good news to applicants. It gives them the option to do so online and spare them the inconvenience of the hassle of submitting an application for an exam.

  4. This information would be very helpful for those who are looking for the direct website on where they can apply.

  5. This is neat so people can submit online their applications. It is much quicker than sending your documents in the mail.


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